Student Success Program

What is the Student Success Program?

As a part of your admissions at Dixie State University you may be admitted into the Student Success Program, a program specifically designed to assist academically underprepared students succeed at DSU.  You have qualified for this program based upon your academic need.  Your academic need is determined by your admission test scores in combination with your GPA.

The Student Success Program provides students with the structure, support and resources to create a foundation for your academic success.  The Student Success Program provides you with the following benefits:


  • Success Coach – Provides support, resources, financial, career, and personal guidance in make your college dreams a reality
  • Peer Coach – An upper level student who can help you navigate DSU, get involved on campus and share general tips and tricks to making college easier and more fun
  • Academic Advisor – Help you plan your schedule and get your degree
  • Student Success Courses – 1st semester students register for the SSC 1020 – Study Skills and Student Success
  • Program Orientation – Prior to the beginning of your first semester you will participate in the Student Success Program Orientation.  You will understand the expectations of the program and the requirements for the students.  Students will sign a program agreement and meet with their Success Coach at the end of this session.
  • Browning Resource Center – A place to study, hang out, meet with your peer or success coach and come to get any of your questions answered about college.

Program Requirements

  • Complete general math and English prior to graduating from the program
  • Program Orientation and Program Agreement
  • Meet with your Success Coach 3 times during the course of the semester
  • Meet with your Peer Coach 5 times during the course of the semester
  • Complete Student Success Class (SSC 1020)
  • Participation in the Active Learning Lab
  • Meet with your academic advisor prior to registration

As a student in our program you will have a registration hold placed on your account to ensure that you meet with an advisor prior to registration.  This gives you the opportunity to get the best schedule for your success and review degree options and career plans.  Additionally, the Student Success classes are only for our students so your enrollment in our class is done with instructor permission, this allows you to receive the full benefits of the program.

Questions about the DSU Student Success Program? Please contact Jamie Kearra,  Assistant Director of Student Success, Structured Enrollment at (435) 879-4613 or email: