Student Success Program

What is the Student Success Program?

Also known as Structured Enrollment, the DSU Student Success Program was created to provide additional support for students entering the University below a specific high school GPA and cumulative test scores (ACT, SAT, Accuplacer).    The goal of the program is to provide additional support to students along with additional requirements which will contribute to their successful transition to college and to achieve their academic goals.

Program Benefits

  • Peer Mentor – A current student will be assigned to students and will serve as a resource, a helping hand, and refer students to any support they may need to succeed at Dixie State.
  • Academic Advisor – While every freshman is assigned to an academic advisor, students involved with this program will have more frequent contact with their advisor through their first year at Dixie State.
  • Student Success Course – Students will be enrolled in a Student Success course (SSC-1020) which will provide them with the information needed to succeed at Dixie State and to network with other students.
  • Freshman Orientation – In addition to the other valuable information provided at Orientation, there will be a specific session for students in this program to emphasize specific success skills.

Program Requirements

  • Completion of Gateway Math and English –  Students will be enrolled in this program during their first academic year at DSU and until they have completed English-1010 and either Math-1030, Math-1040, or Math-1050.
  • Registering for classes – Students will be enrolled in their classes by their Academic Advisor, including the Student Success Course (SSC-1020).  A registration hold will be on the student’s record until they have completed this program.
  • Attending my classes – Students in this program agree to attend class, complete assignments and homework on time, and notify instructors to make arrangements and complete any work missed due to excused absences.

Questions about the DSU Student Success Program? Please contact the Student Success Office at (435) 879-4691 or email: