Dixie State University

Student Success Program

What is the Student Success Program?

As a part of your admissions at Dixie State University you may be admitted into the Student Success Program, a program specifically designed to assist academically at-risk students succeed at DSU.  You have qualified for this program based upon your index score, a combination of your GPA and admission test scores.  Those students who have an index score of < 45 qualify for our program.

The Student Success Program provides you with the structure, support and resources to create a foundation for your academic success.  The Student Success Program provides you with the following benefits:

  • SUCCESS COACH– Provides support, resources, financial, career, goal setting and personal guidance in make your college dreams a reality.
  • ACADEMIC ADVISOR– Students are required to work with an academic advisor to ensure that you have a balanced schedule that is aligned with your academic goals. You complete a survey on our Welcome Site (canvas) called the Registration & Program Agreement the first semester and your Academic Advisor will build  a schedule for the for you.  The second semester the Academic Advisor comes into the classroom and helps you get registered for classes.
  • STUDENT SUCCESS COURSES-  Required SSC 1020 Study Skills and Student Success and SSC 1060 Career and Life Skills.
  • SUCCESS SESSION – Prior to the beginning of your first semester you will participate in our program orientation.  You will understand the expectations and benefits of the program, as well as, the requirements.  Students will sign a Program Agreement and complete a New Student Intake Form.
  • STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER– A place to study, hang out, meet with your success coach and come to get any of your questions answered about college.  As a student in our program you have access to our computers and can print for free.  We have snacks, games and popcorn for our students.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS. As a student in our program  you are eligible for the Rising Star Scholarship and the GRIT scholarship.
  • COMMUNITY.  We have a events and opportunities for students to connect with other students in the program. Our events include:  Dixie Rock Welcome Event, Movie Night, Outdoor Leadership Trip, Holiday Feast, and Crunch & Munch.
  • RAFFLE.  As a Student in our program you can earn raffle tickets during the semester by meeting with your Success Coach, attending events and be eligible to win some great prizes, including book scholarships, flat screen tv, mini fridge, parking pass and food.

Program Requirements

  • Complete SUCCESS SESSION at the New Student Orientation, New Student Intake and Program Agreement.
  • Meet with your Success Coach 3 times during the semester.
  • Complete and pass SSC 1020 and SSC 1060.
  • Participation in the Active Learning Lab and Academic Performance Center Study Hall.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor prior to registering for classes.
  • Completion GE math and English requirements.

As a student in our program you will have a registration hold placed on your account to ensure that you meet with an advisor prior to registration.  This gives you the opportunity to get the best schedule for your success and review degree options and career plans.  Additionally, the Student Success classes are only for our students so your enrollment in our class is done with instructor permission, this allows you to receive the full benefits of the program.


Jamie Kearra

Director of Structured Enrollment

Email: Jamie.Kearra@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-879-4613