Freshman Learning Communities

freshman learning communities

What are Freshman Learning Communities?

  • 25 students enrolled together in the same courses
  • 3-4 courses centered around an academic theme
  • Introduction to the university and its resources
  • General Education courses that fulfill degree requirements

What is the value of a Freshman Learning Community?

  • Smooth transition from high school to university life and culture
  • Immediate connection to other students, faculty, campus
  • Higher success rates in GPA, retention and time it takes to graduate

Freshman Learning Communities (FLC) offer first-year students an opportunity to connect with Dixie State University and each other during the fall semester.  The pilot program begins Fall 2016 with 150 students initially selected to participate.

What are the requirements for participating?

  • Students must be eligible to enroll in college level math and English (i.e. not need developmental courses first).
  • Students must be willing to be registered for specific courses, and not drop those courses in order to maintain the cohort.
  • To check your eligibility please refer to the Course Placement web page.

Freshman Learning Community Options

Please review the following Freshman Learning Communities and indicate which one you would like to participate in.   If your major is not listed, we apologize and encourage you to register for the First Year Experience Course in your major where you will also have the opportunity to get to know other students with similar interests!   Additional information will be provided at Freshman Orientation.

For more information on FLCs, contact the Office of Student Success at 435/879-4690 or e-mail