First Year Experience

FYE is a graded class that all new freshmen take in their first semester to better prepare for a successful transition to the college life. This one credit class is either taught two days a week, or one day a week (with additional out-of-class work). There are courses that are specific to each major, for certain student groups, and for open major students who have not yet decided which degree they want to pursue.

Why should I enroll in FYE?

  • FYE helps students adjust academically, socially and emotionally to campus life and the rigor of courses at DSU.
  • FYE is taught by some of DSU’s best faculty dedicated to support the transition to college life and learning. Faculty work to connect students to new ideas, resources, and opportunities.
  • The enrollment limit of FYE sections (no more than 25 students per course) allows students to build connections with their instructor for more engaged learning experiences.
  • Research shows that students who participate in FYE attempt and successfully complete more classes, earn better grades, take advantage of more resources, get more out of their college experience, and stay in school and graduate.
  • FYE introduces students to campus resources and events to support the transition to college life and learning.
  • FYE teaches skills, including effective communication and study skills, that students apply in other courses and life.

What will I learn?

We pack a lot into this class. The topics covered will include the following and more:

  • Time Management – How to better organize your day to get stuff done!
  • Campus Orientation – Learn where useful resources and services are located.
  • Career Exploration – Choosing the major that is right for you, building a graduation plan.
  • Study Skills – How to handle writing assignments, take good notes, get your money’s worth from your textbooks, study more effectively, prepare for a test, etc.
  • Getting Involved – Having a fun college experience outside the classroom.
  • Stress Management – How to deal with the pressures of college life.
  • Critical Thinking – Improve problem-solving skills, understand your learning style.
  • Networking Skills – Working with others, interacting with your professors.

How do I know which FYE class to take?

There are many different FYE classes available for each major and certain student groups. Click the link below to find the class that best fits you!