Finish in 4


Although being here at Dixie State University forever sounds like the best idea you’ve ever had, finishing your degree in four years has advantages, including:

You will save time!

If you were to set the goal of completing your Bachelor’s degree (120 credits) in 4 years (8 semesters) then you would need to take 15 credits each semester (15 x 8 = 120). However, if you only took 12 credits each semester you would need 10 semesters, or 5 years, to do so. Now, we understand that it may be best for you personally to stick with 12 credits (a decision that should be made with your academic advisor), but that means you need to be taking at least 6 credits in the summer semesters to stay on the four-year graduation track (30 credits per year).

You will save money and you will make money!

Taking between 12 and 20 credits at DSU costs the same amount of money. Therefore, if you finish in 4 years you are only paying 8 semesters worth of tuition, as compared to 10 or 12 semesters’ worth of tuition if you take longer to get through.

By getting done in 4 years you are assuring your early entrance into the job market and therefore starting to make money. Also, you will be making more money because of your degree. Want proof? Check out this video!

Planning to graduate in 4 years not only makes sense, it is also very realistic. Simply follow these basic guidelines and plan carefully. For expert help in putting your graduation plan together, contact your Academic Advisor. Don’t know who your Advisor is? Click HERE.

  1. Meet with your Academic Advisor and make a plan. Tell them that your goal is to graduate in 4 years. Meet with them every semester to make sure you are on track.
  2. Decide on a major and stick with it. Get on your major track as soon as possible.
  3. Register and complete at least 30 credits each academic year.
  4. Make school your priority and work your schedule around your classes, not the other way around.

ASK FOR HELP if you are having difficulty making, keeping or tracking your plan (your Advisor would LOVE to help you).