Student Success Program

Student Success Program


The Student Success Program at Dixie State University is a structured program designed to assist DSU freshmen, who demonstrate academic need, in having the best opportunity to succeed at DSU. This program provides additional structure and support to build a strong foundation for success. Our students work with a Success Coach who helps them connect to resources, answer questions, and provide financial, career, and classroom guidance. Our students have a Peer Mentor who helps them navigate college by providing tips, facilitating campus engagement, and supporting in college transitions. Our students enroll in the Study Skills and Student Success Class that is designed to help them build some strong academic strategies to succeed, as well as college survival tips and strategies.

Additionally, our students have access to the Browning Resource Center, where they can come and study, get questions answered, and connect with a coach or study group. We offer a Monthly Munch that provides our students some food and opportunity to connect with other students in our program. We provide Success Workshops throughout the semester, teaching students how to get motivated.

Our students work with advisors to create a balanced schedule that works towards completing their general math and English requirements while in the program.

We BELIEVE in our students and their ability to succeed, and when you are in our program, you have a team of people who have your back and will encourage you to do the work necessary for you to make your dreams a reality.


Jamie Kearra, MS
Assistant Director of Student Success
Structured Enrollment